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Kai Prime

Types of CRM Software For Your Business

With so many different services promising to revolutionise your business, it can be hard to figure out which one will suit yours best. All of them offer various features that fit certain types of companies—that means there’s a risk of subscribing to the wrong one. On the other hand, the right CRM software will save you money, time, and lead prospects right to your door.So how do you decide? You’ll get a good idea of what service will help your company by comparing what’s on offer. The more tools and data reporting it boasts, the larger the company it aims to cater to. Alternatively, if it only does the basics, the CRM is best for new and smaller companies.
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There are perks to these. If you’re a small company trying to pick your feet off the ground, then you need something simple. Too many tools you won’t ever use will overwhelm you quickly and waste your hard-earned money. You’ll lose your golden nuggets of data in the swathes of tricks and twists. Something simple like MailChimpTrello or Pipedrive will be a great starting point.

If your CRM is too basic for your company, your software will be overloaded quickly and you’ll be frustrated by the lack of progress. Therefore, an adaptable CRM, will give you the reporting, data and outreach your large business needs. Those offered by the likes of HubSpot or alternatively, Salesforce will suit you just fine.

And if you’re a medium or growing business? Then neither of those will quite fit. Your CRM software should adapt to your size without getting bogged down in data—direct, compact, but detailed enough. For companies like this, customer conversion software is your best bet—for example, popcorn!

If you fit the bill, you might want to have a look at our features

Here at popcorn, we love a good analogy. In the video below, Simon discusses the different types of CRM software and consequently why some will fit your business better. Happy fishing!

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