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Kai Prime

What Should Your Account Be Aiming For?

As with anything you invest your time and money in, you want to make the most out of it. The best way to get your value for money in your account is to have all its tools working for you in harmony.

So what does that look like, and what should you be aiming for?

All Your Data In One Place

popcorn’s goal is to make your data more manageable and accessible. By making sure your data is correctly categorised, you can import your data into popcorn without stress. A successful import should show up in your account as a detailed contacts list. Your information will be in all in the correct places, and easy reachable.

This isn’t restricted to a one-time, one spreadsheet only sort of import. Whenever you need it, or if you have multiple spreadsheets, you’ll be able to import the information into your account.

Clear and Defined Sales Pipeline

All that data needs to go somewhere, and it needs to reflect where you are with your business. Creating a pipeline that reflects your company’s prospecting is the next step, and one of the most important. The columns are fully adjustable and customisable so you can edit their names and purposes as you wish.

Because of this, you should aim to be as specific in your columns as possible. For example, you might usually call a prospect as part of the prospecting process. Work out how many times that usually occurs, and reflect this in your sales pipeline. Otherwise, you’ll be making it more different to remember everything. It’s all about making your life simpler.

Pipelines do require regular attention—especially if you’re progressing contacts through your columns manually. They need to emulate your selling process, after all. But keeping everything up to date prevents a big, stressful job much later down the line, so it’s worth it. Don’t stress and spend too much time on it. Allocate about ten minutes a day to keep everything updated.

If you’re wanting to learn more about sales pipelines, you can read about their benefits here, and how to manage an effective sales pipeline here.

JJ Ying On Unsplash

Nurture Campaigns

The whole point of a sales pipeline is, of course, to progress a prospect through your sales process, and get them to buy. Obviously, this doesn’t usually happen overnight. Therefore, you need to make sure you can gently nurture your prospects through the process.

popcorn provides tools for you to do exactly that in your account. You can select what communications they receive, and where they are placed on your sales pipeline. You can also nurture your prospects via popcorn’s email marketing tools, sending singular emails or group emails. Combined with popcorn’s tools, you’ll be able to accurately and quickly gauge how and where prospects are being nurtured.

Prospect and Prospect Scoring

You should gauge not just when your prospect progresses to the next stage of the buying cycle, but how likely they are to buy from you. Certain actions they take will give an indication as to how close they are to this. This will allow you to send them targeted communications when they are ready to receive them.

Prospect scoring is built into popcorn, and works along with all the other activity recorded for that specific contact. This is divided into three categories: cool, warm and hot. For these, you can set the thresholds and monitor how many prospects are progressing well. Certain actions will indicate their status: a prospect that is recorded as having visited your pricing page multiple times, for example, will be qualified as a hot prospect. By categorising these effectively, you’ll increase your chances of a successful customer acquisition. Don’t forget, you can personalise this scoring via your account settings. 


We can’t say this enough—make the most out of popcorn’s automation! Having to do everything manually is easy to do; but popcorn’s automation allows you to set up rules for all of the tools across the software, from adding or removing tags to progressing a prospect along your sales pipeline. These rules are triggered by an action undertaken by the prospect themselves, and can be created, edited or removed at any time. You know your sales process—you can make popcorn know it too. Then you can ensure that your prospects are still being nurtured when you’re not around.

David Levêque On Unsplash

Customer Retention in Sales Pipelines

We’d actively encourage you to include your current customers in your database—and nurture them too. They will be able to fit in your sales pipelines just as easily. With the tags and the customisable sales pipeline columns, you’ll easily be able to identify any new sales opportunities. Plus, you can set up warnings if your customers start showing signs of moving away.

COMING SOON - Multiple Sales Pipelines

We’ll soon be launching a feature where you can have multiple sales pipeline that can be managed on a campaign level. This will allow you to more clearly manage your processes within your business. One particular advantage of this will be your ability to keep your customer retention efforts separate from your new customers, so you’ll know unequivocally you’ll be sending the right nurturing communications to the right people.

Need more guidance on each of these features? Head on over to the Getting Started page for more information.

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