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How Purely Plantain Chips save 3.5 days every month from using popcorn

About Purely Plantain Chips

Stefania runs a successful and rapidly growing snack business selling through retail outlets such as Selfridges, Planet Organic and Fortnum & Mason. 

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What our Customers say...

popcorn has given me clarity and control over my sales process.

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Stefania Pellegrino

Co-Founder & CEO, Purely Plantain Chips

The Problem

As with most new and small businesses, Stefania was using multiple entry level pieces of software and programmes to manage all her data and relationships with her customers and suppliers.  But this was becoming harder to keep on top off as sales and the team grew. This was an inefficient use of her valuable time and resulted in missed opportunities and lost sales.

The Solution​

Stefania has used popcorn to bring all her data together in one place. This has allowed her to visualise all her opportunities, gain control over her sales process and keep in active contact with all of her customers and suppliers.  

Using popcorn’s simple to use CRM and drag and drop pipelines, Stefania and her team were then able to quickly segment, email and track all their prospects’ online activity. This has given her the intelligence of knowing who to follow up with & when. Now they have confidence that they will never forget to follow up on an opportunity.

Joined up

All data and communications managed from one place

3.5 Days

Every single month

popcorn has given me clarity and control over my sales process.

Features used by Purley Plantain Chips

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