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A typical user achieves

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Be up and running in just 15 minutes

Return on Investment

£185 for every £1 spent 

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Increased Engagement

33% increase in email marketing engagement

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Sales Conversion

Increase sales conversion rates by 200%

Time Saving 

Save 1 day of sales time every week

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Giving you structure and focus to enjoy managing all your leads in one place

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Case studies from our customers

Sector: Finance

– 374% increase in sales
– 200% increase in conversions
– Simple to use, joined up data

‘We owe a lot to popcorn as the system has far excelled our initial beliefs.’

Sector: Digital marketing

– 75% time saving on sales planning
– 2.5h saved every day
– Joined up team visibility

‘Popcorn gives me sanity, it helps me to plan all my sales activity and is my safety net!’

Sector: Finance

– 300% increase in sales
– 2.5h saved every day
– 25% Increase in Sales Calls

‘It’s easy to use and I can see at a glance who I need to call along with the intelligence on what I need to talk to them about.’’

Sector: Events

– ROI of £815:1
– Time saved
– Joined up data

‘I no longer need to pick up the phone, as I know who is ready to buy.’

Sector: Retail


  • 33% increase in sales
  • Saved 5 hours every week

‘popcorn has saved me from having to work on Saturdays.’

Sector: Wholesaler

– Saved 3.5 per month
– Joined up data
– Visibility of prospect pipeline

‘popcorn has given me clarity and control over my sales process.’

Sector: Recruitment

– 374% increase in sales
– 50% time saving on data management
– Prospect visibility
– Lead generation

‘We get the results we want, in the quickest and most efficient way possible!’

Sector: Facilities Management 

– 500% increase in hot leads
– 70% sales conversion rate
– Fast data segmenting
– Time saved

popcorn is a brilliant system that helps us generate loads of hot leads.

Sector: Training and Research

– Saves £13K Compared to HubSpot
– 50% time saved on email and data management

‘Since moving from HubSpot, we have halved the amount of time we spend managing our data and dramatically improved the quality of our customer communications.’

Sector: Public Relations

– Set up in just 15 minutes
– Joined up data
– Visibility and control of prospect pipeline

‘Everything about popcorn is so simple yet effective. It’s exactly what we need.’

Sector: Social Media Agency

– 33% increase engagement on email and website activity
– Prospects automatically pre-qualified

‘It’s simple to use and on top of the usual reporting, it automatically generates pre-qualified prospects for our clients!’

Sector: Public Relations

– 10% increase in turnover
– Tracked and targeted prospects
– Easily segmented and organised

‘popcorn has highlighted the tremendous benefits of using the digital intelligence to drive sales.’

Awards we've won

popcorn global awards 2020 2021
popcorn dyslexia awards 2020 winner
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west midlands business champions finalist

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