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image of coloured pencils in a wooden container for the article types of loyalty programme
Kai Prime

Types of Loyalty Programme

A loyalty programme is a fantastic way to keep your customers interested, engaged, and responsive. Plus, the financial rewards—increased and consistent customer retention—are a huge benefit

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red lock with a white heart locked on a bridge railing representing customer retention
Kai Prime

Is Customer Retention Worth It?

Making customer retention a vital aspect of your business strategy could bring benefits that are not only cost-effective, but pay off in the long term. From that, you have the potential to see your business grow financially. Plus, you’ll cultivate a healthy culture of improvement, innovation and real rewards.

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kai's diary laptop on desk with notepad and tardis-shaped mug
Kai Prime

Kai’s Diary: Entry 1

I’m Kai, an apprentice working here to help with the marketing side of the company. I’ll be making regular posts about what I get up to and how it’s going for us.

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