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Why we do what we do and what makes us tick

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Sales are the core driver behind most marketing activities - this is why I built popcorn, to make prospecting simpler!

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Simon Washbrook​

Founder of popcorn

After graduating, Simon Washbrook spent a decade working in large organisations, where he gained experience using a variety of CRM systems to support new and established sales functions.   

Simon started his first business as a Marketing Consultant, and found himself regularly delivering email campaigns for small businesses. He was, however, always frustrated with the results, as the tools available only gave you vanity metrics, (such as open and click rates) that did not tell the business anything about their prospects’ sales engagement.

Simplicity has always been the key objective for Simon. He regularly saw people trying to use multiple entry-level systems to manage their sales process but they ended up losing data and wasting time. Or, small businesses were moving to software that was designed for bigger companies, which became very costly and too complex for their size of business; this again led to sales paralysis.

One of the driving factors behind Simon’s passion for having clear and methodical processes is his dyslexia. Thinking about how he could simplify small business’ sales systems, Simon came up with popcorn. His aim was to bring together all of the essential marketing tools that a typical small business needs into one simple to use platform.  This is an objective that you would have thought was obvious – but not until popcorn arrived! 

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